Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda

Eirene Suisse’s goal in the Great Lakes region has been to make a contribution to conflict prevention and management, to the promotion of regional peace, and to institutional strengthening of partners working in these areas. Above all, our goal is to support actions connected to overcoming hate, mistrust, and violence between social, ethnic, and national groups in addition to empowering  fragile groups, like those of women and young people. Eirene Suisse’s contribution is reflected in the following interdependent areas:

Citizenship (SDGs 10 and 16): Promotion of dialogue as a tool of democratic governance and human rights.

  • Support for regional networking, the exchange of skills between civil societies in other countries as a means of strengthening the ability to petition and citizenship;
  • Support for initiatives aimed at raising awareness of responsibilities and encouraging democratic participation, particularly in women and young people;
  • Promotion and facilitation of citizens’ participation in sustainable development;

Conflict Prevention and Management (SDG 16): Dialogue and mediation; processing the past.

  • Support for initiatives aimed at managing violence for the transformation of conflicts within Rwandan society ;
  • Promotion of initiatives tied to the promotion of peace through a community approach that allows victims to rebuild physical and mental health as well as to reintegrate socially and economically ;
  • Support for action research on themes sensitive to peaceful cohabitation, gender-based violence, autonomy of women, dialogue between young people, and the fight against “killer identities” ;
  • Animation of debates among the diaspora on living together.


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