Eirene Suisse works in Nicaragua and El Salvador, primarily with exchange of personnel, in the following areas of action:

Citizenship (SDGs 10 and 16): Promote citizen mobility and support the drive to facilitate the development of a democratic, egalitarian, and inclusive society that respects the rights of minorities:

  • Support for the research, propagation, and education on human rights, notably concerning the most vulnerable populations and/or minorities;
  • Strengthening of partners who manage programs aimed at inclusion of vulnerable persons and minorities in society;
  • Support for local development projects that promote the joys of citizenship and respect for human rights.

Plural Identities and Conflict (SDGs 10 and 16): Support initiatives that promote the rapprochement and living together between communities and populations with divergent interests, confronted by competition in multicultural contexts:

  • Support for partnerships that manage programs aimed at improving mutual knowing and understanding in addition to the rapprochement and collaboration of diverse ethnicities and communities;
  • Support for emerging leaders to educate and coach on citizenship and the rights and duties of the elected representatives and voters.

Fight Against Poverty (SDG 1): Promote a better distribution of riches by giving the population the means to live with dignity, without having to mortgage the future of future generations in the context of global warming:

  • Support for partners concerned with cultivating development models centered on lasting management of resources for communities, food security, and promotion of local products;
  • Support for projects that promote the right to decent housing for vulnerable populations following natural disasters.

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Eirene Suisse reçoit une contribution de cofinancement de la Direction du Développement et de la Coopération (DDC) au travers d’Unité pour son programme quadriennal 2021-2024. Voir les détails

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